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Manual 2: Montessori Exercises of Practical Life

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Exercises of practical life (EPL) are those simple daily actions which are normally performed by adults in the environment. These actions are real and are done in real situations. If practical life activities are introduced to children at the right time, we help them do things themselves rather than doing things for them, and independence becomes a lifelong personality trait. This manual exposes you to a variety of 81 step by step activities ranging from as simple as Pouring Water from a Jug to as complex as Washing a Collection of Dishes. These exercise aim to satisfy the child’s strong urge to do things himself, promote independence, develop love for work, arouse internal happiness, promote self satisfaction & self respect, teach to give and take help gracefully, improve coordination and grace of movements, inculcate good habits, love of nature and normalization of the children.

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