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Distance Montessori Training

Early Childhood Preschool / Kindergarten (3 – 6) Diploma Program

New Course with Online Learning Management App*

Montitute offers international standard Montessori training online at the convenience of your homeWe assure you that this is, by far, the most comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective distance Montessori training program available anywhere in the world

Following are some of the exceptional features of our online Montessori training program.

Upon enrollment you get; 
Nine fully colored Montessori training manuals are sent to you through express post upon enrollment. These highly illustrated training manuals are superior in design and quality. The manuals cover up the entire Montessori Preschool / Kindergarten (Early Childhood) 3 – 6 curriculum. They have been specially designed while keeping the needs of distance learning in perspective. Each activity is illustrated with pictures of each step and explained in simple words. Having them is like being with an expert Montessori master-trainer in a classroom. They are a lifetime resource for an early childhood educator. Unlike other Montessori curriculum manuals/albums, which are bulky and impossible to handle, they are compact, lightweight, and catchy.

The training manuals are supported by a complete set of professionally made training videos in all curriculum areas. These videos are made available on our online learning app which is available both for desktop and mobile devices. You can refer to these videos unlimited times, unlike a classroom scenario where you can watch a demonstration only a limited number of times.

Apart from the printed manuals that are sent to the students through the express post, almost all other resources are delivered to the students electronically via a user-friendly online Montessori training app. It also manages all the learning activities and assesses your progress through quizzes and assignments. 

Please visit to have a look at our online learning management system.

Human support is also made available to you upon enrollment to assist you throughout the course. They are available on the phone, chat, whatsapp, email and skype during the weekdays throughout the year for making the learning process easy and fun for you.

For further information about the course, training manuals, videos and online learning app please browse through the links in the menu.