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Montessori Training Videos

Upon enrolment, our course management system allows access to hours of training videos. The precise handling and presentation of Montessori materials is the heart of Montessori training, and the course designers at Montitute understand its importance. Therefore, video presentations for all curriculum areas including Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Botany, Zoology, History, Science Experiments and Handwork have been prepared and made available along with extensions and Three-Period-Lessons.

The videos presentation also have the accompanying lectures by expert Montessorians to emphasize the key points of the presentations wherever needed. You don't have to request your trainers to perform an activity again for you, but to play the video as many times as you want. Please watch the samples of some of the videos given below.


Sample Montessori Training Videos (Culture)

Names of the Continents (Three Period Lesson)

Names of the Oceans (Three Period Lesson)

Land and Water Forms Trays

Locating Land & Water Forms on World Map

Sample Montessori Training Videos (Language)

Mood Sounds

Montessori Sandpaper Letters (Three Period Lesson)

Montessori Chalk Board (Blank Board)

Sample Montessori Mathematics Videos

Associating Number Rods & Number Cards (Random)

Montessori Hundred Board

Introduction to Decimal Symbol

Multiplication Board

Montessori Stamp Game (Static Addition)

Positive Snake Game

Sample Montessori Training Videos (Sensorial)

Pink Tower & Broad Stairs (Extension 6)

Taste Bottles

Sample Montessori Training Videos (Practical Life)

Practical Life Exercise (Pegging)

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