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Hend Fouad, Saudi Arabia

My name is Hend Fouad, I studied in Montitute one year so, I want to tell you my story. In the first , I want to thank my teacher Roshni and Montitute institution about their caring with me one year .Then, I want to tell you about my success story in Montessori .The main reasons for me to studying Montessori :

1- I was married in 19 years old so ,it was very difficult to takes care of my children in this time .Montessori has psychosomatic technique to help me with them .By Montessori , I can listen to them , I can help them to improve their skills .By Montessori , I can understand them ,really they have opinions .

2- The second reason is my job, I am KG teacher in international school .We have international curriculum .But, in this time, the kids have a lot of energy so, I searched about some tools or materials to help me in the class .And, I found good materials here in Montessori system .Really, this system changed the traditional techniques with the children .After my diploma, I will understand the different minds with the students in the class and out of the school.

With the help of this diploma I got a job at Jeel al Safaa International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I faced some problems to attend in Montessori courses but, Montitute helped me with online courses .They supported me with lectures, videos and shipping books. It was very easy and enjoyable .Now, I have diploma in Montessori and I have good knowledge about kids .Thank you my dear Roshni again and thank you Montitute.