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Eszter Zimányi, Budapest, Hungary

After graduating from university as an English teacher, I quickly discovered that my ideas and my philosophy of teaching (of children learning) is not traditional. Therefore, I have turned to and explored various alternative methods.

I have found that the Montessori method is one I can fully identify with. It puts emphasis on developing children’s creativity, self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and it understands that the point is not how the teacher teaches but how the child learns. The Montessori method uses a wide range of materials to motivate children to learn and explore, while employing all senses. As a complex methodology (it is a lot more than just a set of materials), it develops social and emotional intelligence.

The Montitute course guided me through the five learning areas at a Children’s House – practical life, sensorial development, language, mathematics and culture. The manuals explained the usage of each material in great detail, while the videos complemented the book with a visual experience. The assignments encouraged me to read, re-read and fully understand each area, while the materials I had to prepare are really useful for my present job at a bilingual kindergarten.

Thank you! Kind regards,

Eszter Zimányi. Budapest, Hungary

Eszter Zimányi Montessori Early Childhood Graduate, 2014