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Why Distance Montessori Training?


The issue (Distance Montessori Training Vs Regular in-house Montessori Training) is being debated for more than a century now. Many prestigious Montessori organisations still argue against Montessori training through distance learning. Well, their advocacy of in-house regular Montessori training must have been convincing  in past, but holds little value today. In the modern world of technology, it’s just like saying that we cannot learn about Mars without going there and sending a rover there is a stupid idea.  We at Montitute, ideologically, totally disagree with this notion, and humbly prefer Montessori distance education over residential (classroom) Montessori training. A lot can be said in the favour of distance education but following are some quick points that we have jotted down to prove Why Distance Montessori Training is better and should be promoted.

“Whatever man knows today was discovered by someone for the first time outside the classroom.”

By quoting the above statement, we do not intend to undermine the importance of classrooms or learning in conventional setting. Instead, we hope to make a point to those, who believe that learning can only take place within the classroom in the presence of a teacher only, that they may need to reconsider their point of view.


The world is turning busy day by day and our distance education programs are designed to serve the needs of busy but success oriented individuals. Our ready-made fully coloured and highly illustrated training manuals save you hundreds of hours of dreadful work spent on preparing Montessori albums and taking notes of dictations given in conventional Montessori training programs. You can start or finish the course according to your convenience at your own pace.



Our comprehensive, fully coloured and highly illustrated premium quality Montessori training manuals are a life time resource for you. The manuals are portable, can easily be placed at an accessible location and consulted whenever required, rather than the handmade bulky traditional Montessori albums… carrying whom requires enormous muscle power, and consulting them requires a week of mustering up courage as they are heavy, big and normally stored out of sight where they just get dusty.



Similarly, you save hundreds of thousands of dollars which normally well-reputed Montessori training institutes charge along with travelling and dressing up expenses. Above all, it saves you the most precious thing… TIME… which you may spend positively on other important things better known to you.


Use of Technology & Cost Effectiveness

We strongly believe that the expensive nature of Montessori trainings, and consequently the lack of Montessori teachers, have always been one of the biggest hurdles in the worldwide adoption of Montessori Method by schools. Therefore, it should be offered at lower costs, so that maximum number of interested individuals can benefit.

How do we charge so less as compared to other Montessori training institutes? The solution lies in the use of technology. We now live in a world where encyclopedias, news, dictionaries, libraries, educational blogs, forums, videos, audio and a thousand more things are available for free which used to cost huge sums in the past. Websites like Khan Academy (providing tuition services for free) are revolutionizing the way teachers teach and the students learn. At Montitute we are big fans of technology, and use it extensively while designing and execution of our training programs. Why do we always need a trainer to do the presentations or give lectures again and again to a different bunch of students every year. That costs, restricts the number of students who can be entertained and puts geographical restrictions on many who cannot access the institute. Why not make videos once and then make available to the entire world at a price which is affordable. Hope you have developed some idea of how we are managing to offer Montessori training at such low and affordable cost.


Montessori trained educators are in critical demand not just in the US but all over the world. Due to a recent wave of parents’ increased concern with the education of their children, competition among private schools and a series of researches proving Montessori children to be performing better, have soared up the demand for this system and individuals trained in it. There are just a few Montessori training institutes in the US, fewer are the ones who genuinely train people in Montessori and whose diplomas are recognized. They are confined to big cities only and majority of the population interested in becoming Montessori educators does not have access to them or cannot afford them because of the expensive nature of these training centers or other hindrances. Thus, Montessori distance education is the need of the hour.

Our distance education training programs don’t just allow you the freedom, flexibility, convenience, cost effectiveness, time saving and better learning but also lead you to a recognized diploma at the successful completion.

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