Refund / Exchange Policy

Distance Montessori Training Program Refund/Exchange Policy

The payment received by Montitute at the time of enrollment in Montitute’s Montessori Training Program is the sum total of following 3 components;

  • COMPONENT 1: Price of 9 Montessori Curriculum/Training Manuals, as on this link  at the time of transaction.
  • COMPONENT 2: Shipping & Handling Cost as on this link at the time of transaction.
  • COMPONENT 3: Tuition Fee is the fee charged against one year subscription of Montitute’s Online Learning Management System, tutorial support, examination and certification. See the equation below to calculate Tuition Fee.


If you are not 100% satisfied with our Montessori training program, we offer you full 100% refund of the “TUITION FEE” only, within 30 days of making the transaction. You may also exchange the refunded amount to exchange with other products. No refund or exchange of the TUITION FEE, however, will be available after the lapse of 30 days of making the transaction.

Parts of the payment made against COMPONENT 1 and COMPONENT 2 are non-refundable and non-exchangeable due to the risk of copyright infringements and the cost of shipping and handling borne by Montitute.

Montessori Curriculum Manuals Refund/Exchange Policy

Due to risk of copyright infringements, no refund or exchange is available on the purchase of Montitute’s Montessori Curriculum/Training Manuals.

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